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Look Tiny in Sea Water color scheme

This screenshots shows off minimalistic window decorations of the look.Tiny, WinTabs module (used top arrange 3 terminal windows), vertical titlebar, improved set of menu icons, menu contents autogenerated based on .desktop information already on the system and optional menu balloons.


rxvt-unicode using libAfterImage

In the middle of this screenshot is rxvt-unicode hacked to use libAfterImage for background image. In this particular example background image rose512.jpg is blended onto root background with method of "allanon".

You can download that hacked rxvt-unicode from :

Full tarball: rxvt-unicode-8.2-libAfterImage-0.1.tar.bz2

Just the patch: rxvt-unicode-8.2-libAfterImage-0.1.patch.gz

As can be seen on the screenshot cmd line was :

rxvt -tr -tint red -blt allanon -pixmap "rose512.jpg;auto"

where -blt option defines what composition method to use - any of those supported by asmerge will work - alphablend(default), allanon, tint, add, sub, colorize, etc...

-tr is to get rxvt to use root background under its own background, specified by -pixmap. Note that in filename instead of specifying geometry we have "auto", which will get rxvt to auto resize picture to match window size.

rxvt-unicode with blurred background
rxvt-unicode with background .Japanes blured horizontally
rxvt-unicode with just transparent background

Gaussian blur

Original .Japanese background from AfterStep distribution
.Japanese blured horizontally creating effect of the motion
.Japanese blured vertically creating funky lighting effect
.Japanese blured with radius 128 in red and green channels
.Japanese blured horizontally in red and green channels
.Japanese blured vertically in red and green