AfterStep Keyboard & Mouse Command Tutorial

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I have gotten so used to using alt+left click to move a window and alt+right click to resize a window in other WM's and was suprised to not find this by default in AfterStep. So I figured out how to add them which I wish to share with you here:

How To

First off you need to bring up the menu and go to Desktop --> Config Files --> Feel Once this file has opened in your favorite text editor go down to line 290 this starts the description of what you can all do. There is no limit to say you have to set this up exaclty they way I do you could use ctrl or possibly even the windows key on your keyboard as well. Here is what I add to make this work. I add these right at the top so on lines 317 and 318 I have:

Mouse 3	        W       M	Function "Resize-or-Top"
Mouse 1	        W       M	Function "Move-or-Top"   

Now if you load your feel file which is in Menu --> Desktop --> Feel(usually named feel.mine unless you renamed it) this will load the new commands we just added. Now when you alt+left click in the window(not on the titlebar) you will be able to move your window. As with alt+right click you will be able to resize your window.

Now one other command I personally use is alt+middle click to shade a window and that looks like this

Mouse 2		W	M	Shade

Now again if you added this after we reloaded your feel.mine the first time you will need to reload you feel file again. Then alt+middle click will shade the window.

This is just a small way to add a function to how you want your AfterStep to behave there are many options to explore, but I hope this helps you get a start in adding controls you wish to use.