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known bugs (to me at least) - stand cvs from 27th of april 2007:

open bugs :

general :

   *firefox (exactly : iceweasel from debian stable) download manager pops into foreground at each download you start,
    even if you put it manually into the background
    solution around the problem: move firefox into higher layer while downloading files with firefox
    (download manager already open)
     -> note : find out who the fuck is doing evil things, and how all other wms handle this crappy behaviour of firefox
   *in startmenu empty folders are displayed, and only an empty frame is shown,
    no mater if unavailability of items is on or off
   *nested popups are not working
          -> this means : ex: popup2 definition is called from within popup1, but i only get a grayed out item
                  anyway the use of popup needs to be cleared up !!!
          -> see monitor theme in AS ftp theme dir for an example
   *inherit(myframe & mystyle) only partially working (no multiple inherit)
          -> steps to reproduce : make multiple mystyles and inherit from each other, using most of pixmap,gradient,font,
                                  bg/fgcolor params at one time in a mystyle...
                note : this is not 100% verified -> until proof of contrairy this stays here
   *parsing bug in general as myframe options cannot be specified in arbitrary order
          -> see afStep theme in AS ftp 
   *multiple iconboxes not possible (was in 1.8.11)
   *asxml in general seems prone to 1pixel errors-for small size (<5 pixels) i seldomly get good results
          -> need to find more examples
   *mybackground specified backgrounds cover all other background-setting programs.
     choosing alternative backgrounds from startmenu does not change anything. this is the longest usability issue
     i know, since sasha said this would be expected behaviour...

wharf :

   *balloon setings broken (display of garbage instead of wharfbuttonname as this is an unnecessary uncompatibility issue)
   *still waiting for balloons to be fixed relative to calerbutton geometry. for ex fixed ballon begin at for ex : +0-10 relative
    to nw corner of wharfbutton that the balloon is displayed for.
   *multirow/column setups are wacky for non-homogenous-sized wharf buttons

missing feature bugs:

   *general autohide feature.... absolute must for modern desktops (reuse of shade function ?)
          -> maybe more general : make a function execute on leave windows (after timeout) for more complex stuff like
                changing layer etc... (for monitor theme)
   *winlist : no ability to start multiple times with different content
   *ability to inherit windowboxes (some way to have more automated placement -> ion) ???
   *wharf : ability to swallow menus, to make full emulation of the windows interface a possibility

closed bugs:


  *NoDeskLabel : no mini-desktop-background shown if used (FIXED)
  *PagerBelowDesk does not work, nor does PagerBelowDesk + VerticalLabel result in label b put on right side of pager window
       -> result : pager set to be (pseudo-)transparent does not work any more (sucking gray instead of transparency) (FIXED?)
  *starting multiple modules of it, makes click into any other pager window then first one (first screen)
   move to false desktop (DEFINITLY FIXED)