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Setting up WebTop environment


You have to have your phone rooted and SU installed. There are number of exploits and tools available depending on the phone.


It is recommended that you do not modify the WebTop environment in phone's own flash, but instead create a partition on SD card and use webtop2sd utility to copy phone's WebTop. webtop2sd will then mount this partition ontop of the phone's own stuff and if it get's screwed up you'll be able to go back to the blank slate and use your phone's WebTop again.

Get webtop2sd and instructions here.

In my experience running webtop configurator to install lxterminal did not work the first time. I had to reboot the phone one more time, and upon running webtop configurator again - lxterminal installed fine.


Package management is horribly broken in webtop due to manuafacturers doing wierd things to it, and possibly breaking it on purpose. To fix stuff, so that apt-get works again - use webtopscripts.

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