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To proper support theming a few things need to be coordinated:

-the whishes of the user (what he wants and doesnt want to be changed)
-the whishes of the themer
-the installed applications on the computer presented in a way that satisfy the user + the themer

The whole terminology of themes/skins is full of misunderstandings, so everthing needs to be clearly defined, feel free to correct anything...

a skin is a way to decorate elements a user has set up to be on his desktop.

a theme is a way to use a computer, and thus should be clearly distinct

       -it defines where stuff lies on the desktop (as such any personal config is initself a theme)
       -how it reacts/interacts
       -it defines how stuff is decorated

Elements that cannot be reduced that are part of a theme/skin :

       -Window Decor
       -Module Decor
       -Feel (break down more)
       -size and orientation of windowbox (problem here: how to make that look independant)
       -Mouse (although this is something i cannot imagine _any_ user wanting to be touched)
       -Animation settings