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Report Date: 2007 Nov 12

Bug Description: Pager doesn't display different desktops vertically.

Submitted By: Speedy

Affected AfterStep version: 2.2.7

OS/Distribution: Linux/Fedora Core 8

Status/AS version: Open

Bug Detail:

Pager doesn't seem to display vertically well; only horizontally.

For example: I have two desktops (Work and WWW).  In the file
"pager", I set PagerRows to "2" (from "1"), and PagerColumns
to "1" (from "2").  Pager only seems to "stack" vertically
intermittently, usually with "Work" being the only desktop
displayed.  Switching the numbers back works fine.  I have
exited the session and restarted to no avail.

I have seen it display correctly on occasion, but it currently
isn't working.

Report Date: 2007 Aug 01

Bug Description: xmms creates heavy CPU load.

Submitted By: Daniel A. Ramaley, Volker Ossenkopf

Affected AfterStep version: All

OS/Distribution: Linux/Unbuntu

Status/AS version: Open

Bug Detail:

I didn't do any debugging, but I noticed that the problem was the same
or even worse on my system (Debian etch with afterstep 2.2.6) while
opening a particular website that updated the window title every

This gives an easy way of testing the problem completely independent
from xmms:

I ran xterm and within the xterm-bash the loop:

ossk@hevelius: while (true); do echo -n "^[]0;`date`^G"; sleep 1; done
(^[ is the character for escape and ^G the character for bell)

This updates the xterm window every second. In this way one can easily
time the problem:

After about 8 minutes I notice the first increase in the afterstep
load (6%), after 16 minutes, I am at about 20%, after 24 minutes
I am at 30%, after 32 minutes 45%.
The load drops immediately to zero when I stop the loop in the xterm,
so that the title is no longer updated.

The delayed behaviour seems to indicate a memory management problem
for the structure containing the window titles. This might explain,
why the problem does not seem to occur on all systems using afterstep,
but may depend on an underlying library.

I don't want to make further guessing about the cause here, but hope
that this gives at least some additional information.


Report Date: 2007 Jun 04

Bug Description: Various AfterStep Users' Mailing List bugs.

Submitted By: Various

Affected AfterStep version: Various (should be current)

OS/Distribution: Various

Status/AS version: Open

Bug Detail:

Icons not handled correctly in stacking code: (Felipe Sanchez)

1. Iconify a window. Call it "A"
2. Place another (Non-iconified) window over it. Call it "B"
3. Ask window "B" to Unraise

Expected result:
Window "B" unraises and iconified window "A" raises above it ("A" is 
still iconified, but above "B").

Provide documentation to remove Pager shade buttons: (Dave North)

*PagerShadeButton   tiles/empty




Probably should add a *PagerNoShadeButton option.

Report Date: 2007 Jun 04

Bug Description: Desktop entries not working in wharf.

Submitted By: Speedy

Affected AfterStep version: 2.2.6 & CVS

OS/Distribution: Linux/Fedora Core 6

Status/AS version: Open

Bug Detail:

  • Under FC6 (and I imagine other distros as well), XChat is called "IRC" in the menu. There is also an icon called "normal/IRC" in the AS distribution. In Wharf, rather than pulling the icon associated with the .desktop entry for XChat, Wharf is displaying the icon normal/IRC and not actually setting up XChat (IRC) to run. I want to stress that this just isn't an icon issue, as the application will not launch. Ex: *Wharf IRC normal/IRCTransparent Exec "xchat" xchat &
  • Under 2.2.6, drawing-in desktop entries into wharf seems not to work. No icons or buttons are currently displayed. As usual, the "hard" method still works (providing the executable name and icon information). Drawing-in CategoryTree still works.